We harvest the grape bunches on their optimum point of ripening and we quickly get them to the winery where we separate the grapes from the vine branches and leaves. Afterwards we wring out the grapes and the grape-juice obtained is taken to the fermentation tanks where it transforms in primitive wine which will be kept inside the tanks and oak barrels maturing, ageing and refining the time needed until its bottling.


Profoundness and intensity.

Sentif is a wine made from three varieties of wine grape: Tempranillo, Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon aged and matured for more than 15 months inside French Oak barrels.

Intense red cherry coloured wine with maroon and burgundy edges. Rippened fruit, candied fruit, roasted woods, sweet spices, balms and aromatic herbs high intensity bouquet. In mouth it is flavourful, intense, voluptuous, with friendly tannins and with a very elegant ending.

Wine Pairing
It can be enjoyed on its own and with dishes where intense sensations are predominant: stews or well seasoned dishes, big game and red meats.

We recommend to serve it well tempered, between 16 and 18 ºC; higher temperatures will increase the alcoholic hot sensations; served too fresh astringency due to tannins present in the wine will also increase.
It can be decanted.

Sentif wine was created with the idea of making the wine we like the most, the one we would drink on great events. The first vintage year was made in 2006 thanks to the good advice and savoir faire of our friend and master Joan Milá and since it came out it surprised everyone for being a very high quality wine with very original virtues.

Vispius Red Wine

Silky and fruity.

Vispius a modern wine, of an ‘international taste’, made from Garnacha and Tempranillo wine grape varieties.

Brimming over with elegant black and red berry fragrances, fruity, silky and fresh in mouth where it harmoniously combines volume, softness, body, silkiness and refinement.

Wine Pairing
Alone, with cured meats, sauced pastas, rice with meat, grilled or roasted oily fish, cod stews, red or lean meats. Also with fresh and mid matured cheeses.

We recommend it to be served between 14 and 18 ºC.

The first Vispius came out in 2011, after some years discussing with our friend Christophe Chapillon about the necessity of making a wine with international taste, a modern wine which would be enjoyed by the majority of the wine lovers in any country.

Vispius White Wine

Charm and style.

Vispius White is a wine with a series of self extraordinary qualities and characteristics which give it taste and fragrances of its own, different from other white wines.

Intense exotic and tropical bouquet, with subtle fragrances of pear and linden tea. Fruity and fresh in mouth, with a body and acidity that gives the wine its back bone, necessary to keep its character.

Wine Pairing
On its own, with salmon, sea-food, battered fish, lean fish, vegetables, green asparagus, rice and paella.

We recommend to serve it chilled, between 8 y 14 ºC.

After years of tests in the winery, Vispius White was bottled for the first time in May 2012 in a non expected way for it was Stephan Graf who encouraged us to do so after tasting our wine straight from the tank and wanting to sell it in his country. Since then we keep on making this great wine every year.

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